Mission Statement

In our daily activities we bear important obligations to our customers, our owner, our employees, and suppliers. We carry out these obligations guided by certain principles.

Our Foundation is Integrity.    We conduct our business in an open and forthright manner in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations so that we are correctly perceived to be an ethical organization of dedicated and competent individuals of high integrity and credibility providing quality products and services that contribute significantly to our goals.

Our Strength is Our People.    The collective talents of our employees comprise our most important asset. Therefore, we provide an organization and operating environment that attracts, nurtures, stimulates, and rewards employee professionalism and creativity, providing a safe work place and an opportunity for hands-on accomplishment.

Our Goal is Excellence.    Excellence in the form of quality is a shared attribute of the customers and markets we serve and the products we distribute. Attention to detail and performance are stressed in every line and staff function, resulting in a total dedication to mission success.